Monday, 10 July 2017

AS FORS MW Team is going for a summer vacation!

The first half of a year has been great for us, we have had busy months and now it´s time for a brake, in order to come back with charged batteries and carry on the good work.

The production and assembly will be totally closed from 10th of July up to 30th of July.
Our Spare parts and After Sales team will be open all summer, but also with reduced capacity and we kindly ask for your consideration when reply times could be slightly longer.

Also the blog and news section is taking a break and will be back again in August.

Friday, 7 July 2017

15-19T to Finland

Our BIGAB 15-19T found its way to Finland, Kouvola where Pekka Pihkala became the new proud owner of it. Since it's the first 15-19T model that went to Finland, our Product Supervisor Sulev visited our dealer Agri-Kymi Oy, on whose yard he met the new owner and showed them how to get the maximum functionality out of the trailer and to get the work done smoothly.

On photo from left Sulev (Product Supervisor) Pekka (New Owner of BIGAB) and Jani (Salesman of Agri-Kymi)

in FIN:

Jani Manni AGRI-KYMI:ltä teki kaupat Pekka Pihkalan kanssa Bigab 15-19 T vaunusta. Pekka aikoo hyödyntää vaunun monipuolisuutta maatalouden ohella myös urakoinnissa ja lavanvuokrauksessa. Pekka päätyi T-malliin koska sen koukun teleskooppi mahdollistaa eri pituisten lavojen käytön. Koska kyseinen yksilö oli ensimmäinen Suomeen myyty 15-19T malli tuli tuotepäällikkömme Sulev Höbe Kouvolaan näyttämään vaunun toiminnot ja esittelemään vaunun. Vaunuun tutustumassa oli tuoreen omistajan ja jälleenmyyjän lisäksi myös FARMAn ja BIGABin suomen myyntipäällikkö Tero Hytönen. Kuvassa vasemmalta oikealle Sulev (tuotepäällkkö)  Pekka (tuore BIGABin omistaja) ja Jani ( vaunun myyjä).

Monday, 3 July 2017

FARMA in the Canadian news!

FARMA was represented at the Saw Tech Log Expo in Canada where our dealer Equipements Picken introduced the Northern America what FARMA has to offer.

A lot of people visited our stand, also did the local Ottawa TV news channel who was there to interview Brad Charby who works at Pickens Farm Equipment. Brad commented the outcome of the interview like this:"It was pretty cool because around the city of Ottawa, EVERYBODY watches that news channel. People were calling, family from that area were sending was crazy. 
People were coming to the booth to see which log Sarah dropped with the log loader. The whole thing was live-TV and I had no idea what she was going to do. It was fun!"

To see what Brad was meaning by dropping the log, look the interview from here: 

Next exhibition Woodmen’s Field Days will be held in United States in 18th to 20th of August in Boonville, New York. So be there and meet Brad yourself!

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Attention professional farmers in Scandinavia!

The agricultural fair Borgeby Fältdagar starts today and we have there also our BIGAB and FARMA machines! We show there our new products, including the BIGAB 12-15 with new new suspension - from now on it is possible to order it with tandem parabolic bogie suspension, 2 rigid axles with hydraulic brakes.

To get more information go and visit our stand A117 where Anders and Stefan are waiting for you!

Borgeby Fältdagar, Sweden
Stand A117

Professionella bönder i Skandinavien!

Jordbruksmässan Borgeby Fältdagar börjar idag, där visar vi våra BIGAB och FARMA-maskiner! 
Vi visar våra nya produkter, inklusive BIGAB 12-15 med ny typ av fjädring - från och med nu är det möjligt att beställa den med tandem parabolisk boggi fjädring, 2 styva axlar med hydrauliska bromsar.

För mer information besök vår monter A117 där Anders och Stefan väntar på dig!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Midsummer celebration

Fors MW has had a midsummer barbecue tradition for many years already, so did we have it this year. The whole Fors MW family had lunch in the yard where sausages and salad were served and nice time spent.

Due the midsummer celebration, we are on holidays tomorrow on 23th of June, but we will be back already on Monday!

Fors MW wishes you a nice weekend!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Hardox In My Body, in BIGAB's body!

We know that our customers deserve the best and we continuously strives to meet the demands. We have been using HARDOX in our products for many years but now the Hardox In My Body community confirmed it also - an agreement with SSAB AB were signed today, which means we have been given the right to market products made out of Hardox.

As it is written on the SSAB webpage that the Hardox In My Body is a sign of quality and trust for the products, so when you see the sign on the product you can be sure you are getting a superior steel product manufactured by a qualified program member. We feel honored to be part of the HIMB community and happy that we can give the market what it is asking for! 

From the left: Riho Vollmer - Regional Sales Manager, Estonia,Latvia (SSAB)
Esa Kivelä - Area Sales Manager (SSAB)

Peter Kastberg - CEO (Fors MW)

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Chain flail head CFH 100

Expand your business areas by selecting different attachments to your FARMA crane throughout the year. Chain flail head is suitable for forestry roadsides and ditches, public and private park maintenance for keeping the roadsides clean and tidy. Our new chain flail head is designed for our medium-sized cranes and is most suitable with FARMA C6.3 and C6.7.

In true entrepreneurial spirit, we want to offer our skilled FARMA users an additional way to get the most out of our cranes.

Flail head is attached to the crane with an adapter and crane needs 2 extra hoses for flail head motor. Cutting width is 1 meter and the machine weights 200 kg.

For getting most of it load some logs on the trailer to have simple and handy counterweight.

*This product will be available for ordering in autumn 2017