Monday, 23 April 2018

What do you know about our longest crane C8,5 G2?

Did you know that we have a wide range of cranes, of which the longest one reaches up to 8,5 meters?

This crane has the longest reach of our G2 cranes, and its lifting capacity is impressive as well. This particular C8,5 G2 crane on this video is from 2013 when it was introduced at Elmia Wood together with G2 lumber trailers. All those 5 years after the exhibition it has been put into work almost every day during the forestry season and it has not disappointed the owner even once.

Read more about the C8,5 G2 crane from HERE!

Friday, 13 April 2018

FORST LIVE took off!

We are in Germany again this weekend, this time in Offenburg which is a city located in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The another FORST LIVE exhibition started today and we are there until Sunday at stand N2.45. There we have our both Generation trailers, as well as Generation 3 crane - the C6,7 G3 together with the best-selling 9 ton trailer.

FARMA in Forst Live at stand N2.45

At the same time in the other side of the Europe, in Central Finland, our dealer Viita-Kone Oy is running a machine day in Viitasaari. Tero is there, also our FARMA and BIGAB machines.

Viitakone at Viitasaari with FARMA and BIGAB
Use the opportunity to talk with our salesmen and see the machines yourself! 

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

FARMA at Silva Regina Brno 2018

Before the FORST live takes off on the weekend, people in Czech have an opportunity to visit today and tomorrow the Silva Regina Brno 2018 exhibition, where FARMA is represented at our dealer JPJ Forest's stand 034. We have there our FARMA both Generation lumber trailers with cranes, as well as equipment that came out last summer.

JPJ Forest at Silva Regina Brno 2018 with FARMA machines
Thank you JPJ Forest for sharing the photos and good luck for the rest of the days at the exhibition!

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

New BIGAB dealer in Northern Germany

Hilbig Landtechnik GmbH & Co.KG has been our FARMA dealer for some time, and now they have decided to become a reseller of BIGAB machines as well. They are located inbetween Bremen and Hamburg in Northern Germany, which makes it well accessible for people around that area. Just last week Hilbig Landtechnik received market's best-selling BIGAB 12-15 and FARMA CT 6,7-9F machines to their yard, where the customers can go and gaze the equipment themselves. Further information can be found on their webpage or just simply visit their shop in Neuenkirchen OT Grauen.
Ein neuer Partner! Wir begrüßen die Niedersächsische Firma Hilbig in 29643 Neuenkirchen OT Grauen als neuen zuverlässigen und starken Partner in dieser Region. Seid dieser Woche steht zwei unserer top Seller zu Besichtigung dort bereit ein Hakenlifter BIGAB 12-15 sowie eine Rückewagen FARMA T9F mit einem Kran 6,7m in neuester Bauart. Wir freuen uns auf eine guten Zusammenarbeit und auch einige Messeauftritte die wir zusammen unternehmen werden. Weiter Information finden Sie auf der Partner Homepage oder bei uns direkt

FARMA and BIGAB machines in Hilbig's yard in Germany

Friday, 6 April 2018

Kilworth Machinery delivered another trailer to the new owner!

FARMA best-selling trailer and crane combination CT 6,3-9 headed to the new owner's yard in United Kingdom last week! 

Our dealer Kilworth Machinery Ltd, who sold this machine set, has a family business run by 2 generations of Parnhams. They have been active in the machinery trading for over 42 years - after so many years of experience in this field a company knows what people need and which machines are capable of meeting those requirements. Thank you Kilworth Machinery Ltd for the trust and cooperation!

PS! Kilworth Machinery also said that they have more machines in stock! Call or visit them to get more information about our machines. 

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Another BIGAB landed in Netherlands

Another BIGAB landed in Netherlands. Groenvoorziening W.Kok previous BIGAB was 7-10 which served them for many successful years. Now, they decided to go for the bigger volume machine - BIGAB 10-14, with the loading capacity of 10 tons. Since gardening work requires a machine that has a good maneuverability and it must be reliable and easy to operate, then the BIGAB 10–14 is the model which meets the quality and equipment availability demands of the professional operator. Even though extremely flexible, because of its design, this trailer has maximum strength and rigidity in terms of deformation and twisting.

BIGAB 10-14 extra equipped with LED-lights

BIGAB 10-14 extra equipped with mudguards and mudflaps

BIGAB 10-14 in Netherlands

We wish many successful years with the new BIGAB for the new owners! To read more about the BIGAB 10-14 model, click HERE!

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

FARMA at RegioForst Chemnitz

Officially the spring started yesterday, yet more-less the whole Europe is still suffering with the cold minus degrees. Due that the forestry season is prolonged and our forestry equipment still needed to operate in the forest. Here in this video we have the Generation 3 crane and our best selling 9 ton trailer. This combination of FARMA equipment has entered successfully to several markets, including Germany!

If you would like to see the machine yourself before buying it in Germany, then you have an excellent opportunity this weekend at RegioForst Chemnitz where we are mightily represented at the stand G11. Make sure you come by, because we also have there our best-selling BIGAB 12-15 and FARMA energy cutters!