Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Fairs next week

Next week we have two exhibitions happening at the same time in two different countries! 

If you are interested of seeing our BIGAB and FARMA machines in Germany, make sure you visit the FORST LIVE exhibition on 7th until 9th of April in Offenburg,  which is located in Southwest of Germany. Our stand you can find from Hall Freigelände Mitte, and the Stand number is M4.35.

We are located where the red circle is Stand M4.35

What if you are next weekend in Finland? 
Then we have good news for you too - because we are also with our stand at Mansen Morinat, which is happening in Pirkkalan near Tampere. 
The event is open on 7 April (Fri) from 9 AM to 5 PM and on 8 April (Sat) from 9 AM to 3 PM.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our stands next weekend! 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Welcome on board Stefan!

FORS MW is very happy to introduce our freshest member - new salesman Stefan Blom who is going to work together with Anders, and will support the dealers at Southern Sweden and Denmark.
We asked him to give an overview of himself, so he wrote the following:

My name is Stefan Blom and I am the new member of the sales department for BIGAB, FARMA and FARMA-N. I am very excited and glad that together with Anders we are going support and help our Scandinavian dealers. I am going to work together with the dealers at Southern Sweden and Denmark. but also assisting other parts of Sweden if needed. 

This time of the year a lot of dealers are having several activities at their yards, such as open houses. We are trying to attend them as much as possible so I could learn more about our products and also meet the dealers and our customers. 

I have been in touch and have had interesting conversations with other Fors MW salesmen in different countries and people from Fors MW factory.

For several years I worked as a Product Manager in engineering industry, responsible for trailers, implements and tractors. The latest job was in the forest and construction area. I am sure that my past experiences will help me get into the swing faster and become more and more helpful for the dealers. 
Together with my family we live in Furulund, which is located just outside of the city called Lund. Since there are many dealers around this area, it' s a perfect spot to be within reach. I am sure that together with my past experiences, knowledges and confidence in this field makes a difference and will influence my work in a positive way.

Having two kids who are very active and love sports, we try mostly at the evenings and weekends to spend as much time as possible at doing sports. For us it s a pleasure and a very good way to relax. Spending a lot of time on the road and working, it is a must to spend leisure time with family and doing all sort of activities. And of course, as a house owner, there is always an endless amount of work that has to be done!

Feel free to call me at +46 70 200 59 13 or send an e-mail to 
I am really looking forward to working with the interesting product range of BIGAB, FARMA and FARMA-N, and of course our dealers and the customers.

Welcome on board Stefan! 

Friday, 24 March 2017

Germans tested FARMA-N!

Our tractor processor FARMA-N N5-15B was tested in Germany and 2-page story written in the spring issue of HOLZmachen magazine:

Dealer Könemann with the owner of FARMA-N 5-15B

Monday, 20 March 2017

Kotschenreuther and the customers outfaced the weather!

Our Southern German salesman Peter Roos took part of the Kotschenreuther Forst-& Landtechnik dealer day and now he is telling us how did it go:

Kotschenreuther and the customers outfaced the weather!

Last weekend dealer Kotschenreuther had his dealer days in Neufang.
Even though the weather was very bad and cold, the amount of people visiting the yard was huge!
I was pleased to have following trailers and machines to show to the customers:
T12G2 with C 7,0
two models of CT 6,3-9, one with air brakes and one with overrun brakes.
T10 G1 with air brakes and a Heizohack with C 6,3 crane.

Many people stood with me in storm and I felt proud seeing people showing up interest towards our FARMA machines and products.
Therefor I would like to thank the dealer Kotschenreuther Forst-& Landtechnik for organizing this kind of fair and the customers for their interest - hopefully all the questions found the answer and it makes the decision making easier.

It was like always a pleasure to be a part of this exhibition team, there for a big thanks again to Kotschenreuther.

Best regards,

In German:

Kotschenreuther und Kunden trotzen dem Wetter

Letztes Wochenende fanden die Ausstellertage von Kotschenreuther in Neufang statt.
Trotz des schlechten Wetters kamen Kunden von überall her.
Es war mir ein Vergnügen den Kunden an folgenden Maschinen ihre Fachfragen zu erläutern:
Ein T12 G2 mit einem Farma Kran C 7,0
Zwei CT 6,3-9, einer mit Druckluft- und einer mit Auflaufbremsen.
Ein T10G1 mit Druckluftbremsen
Und schließlich ein Heizohack mit einem C 6,3

Jede Menge Fachkunden standen mit uns bei nasskaltem und stürmischen Wetter an den Maschinen und ließen sich von dem schlechten Wetter die Laune nicht verderben.
Die fachkundigen Fragen zeigten mir einmal mehr wie interessiert die Kunden an unseren Produkten sind.

Ich möchte mich bei der Firma Kotschenreuther für die schon gewohnt professionelle Ausstellung bedanken.

Es hat mir wieder großen Spaß gemacht ein Teil seines Teams sein zu dürfen.

Viele Grüße
Peter Roos

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

FARMA on tour!

Our Finnish dealers are having demo days in different places. 
Lakkapää Maatalous will be on the wheels and will make BBQ in North Finland. Today in Suomussalmen Nesteellä. Thursday in Kuusamo and Taivalkoski, Friday in Pudasjärvi.

Our other good Finnish dealer Etukone will have machinery day in Mikkeli during today and in the upcoming days where our FARMAs will be presented.

So find the closest place to you and go and have a chat with our great dealers

Image may contain: sky and outdoorImage may contain: tree, sky, snow, outdoor and nature

Friday, 10 March 2017

Feedback from the happy Finnish customer

Ilkka Lukkarinen from Kontiolahti, Finland decided last autumn to update his well served old lumber trailer to modern one. After comparing few brands he ended up to buy FARMA T12 with C8.5 crane and electric valve. New trailer was attached to Valtra 6550 and went to woods first time in December. Now it has over 200 working hours and Ilkkas son Antti who mainly operates the machine is happy to work with it: "Crane has lots of power and trailer is very stable and follows really well, only thing that I some times miss is drive on trailer as we have big hills and steep snow here in North Carelia."

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The markets´number one in Switzerland - FARMA CT 6,3-9.

This time equipped with insert body, which makes the trailer even more versatile while transporting brushwood and branches.

The sides are easily mounted and suits from model T6 up to T14!

Read more about insert body from our webpage: