Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A group of end users from Finland visited the Fors MW Factory!

We got an interesting letter some days ago, that a group of Finnish forestry enthusiasts are heading to the Maamess exhibition and before going there, they would like to visit our factory and see how the machines are actually produced. 

We were of course  very keen to host them and show them around. Our CEO Peter Kastberg personally showed them around the factory and answered their questions. We hope that they enjoyed the tour as much as we enjoyed hosting them.


Ryhmä suomalaisia metsänomistajia ja metsä- ja maatalouden toimijoita vieraili Fors MW:n tehtaalla

Muutama päivä sitten saimme viestin jotta joukko suomalaisia metsä- ja maatalouden toimijoita oli menossa Tartoon Maamess näyttelyyn ja ennen sinne menoaan he kävisivät mieluusti tutustumassa tehtaaseemme ja koneidemme valmistukseen käytännössä.

Kutsuimme heidät ilomielin vierailulle. Toimitusjohtajamme Peter Kastberg kertoi yhtiöstä ja sen vaiheista ja tuotteistamme sekä opasti heidät tuotannon läpi raudan leikkauksesta kokoonpanoon.

Vieraamme vaikuttivat erittäin tyytyväisiltä vierailun antiin. Mukava että kävitte!

Monday, 24 April 2017

German dealer Könemann visited the factory

Last week our German dealer Mr. Könemann and his wife visited us in Saue.

It was their first time visiting us in Saue so they spent almost the whole day with us. Our reclamations Manager Kert showed them around the factory and later on business related topics were discussed together with the CEO Peter Kastberg.

As we have million times said, we are always welcoming the dealers to visit us here in Saue. We are always very happy to show our partners how and what we are producing. We really hope Mr. and Mrs. Könemann also enjoyed the day with us and their overall trip in Estonia.

Könemann Forsttechnik in Saue

Friday, 21 April 2017

FORS MW playing bowling

FORS MW family took some time off yesterday evening and spent it together playing bowling. The idea behind it was to spend nice time together and to have fun. At the same time this kind of activities are good for team building in order to become closer and work towards set goals as a strong team.
Thank you everybody who participated!

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Maamess is on!

And it has been a busy day demonstrating our CT 6.3-T9 4WD with the radio control. When in Tartu, come and meet us at stand VP-42. Our Estonian dealer Peetri Talutehnika / Maskin Grupp OÜ welcomes you.

Eesti keeles:

Maamess on täies hoos!

Demonstreerime CT 6.3-T9 4WD-d koos kaugjuhitava elektrilise juhtseadisega. Kui asud Tartus, siis astu läbi! Meie stend on VP-42, kus Sind tervitab meie Eesti edasimüüja Peetri Talutehnika.

FARMA at Maamess 2017

Monday, 17 April 2017

FARMA at Maamess

This year Maamess, which is the biggest fair in Estonia marks an anniversary - taking place for the 25th time! And FARMA is also going to take part of the anniversary celebrations!

Together with Peetri Talutehnika / Maskin Grupp OÜ we are going to show there our FARMA products. It is a great opportunity to have a closer look at our products since Peetri Talutehnika is the only dealer in Estonia who is selling FARMA and they are willing to assist you if you happen to have any questions regards to our assortment of products.

Find us at Stand VP-42 in Tartu Fairs Centre, 20 - 22nd of April.

Eesti keeles: 

Maamess tähistab oma 25.ndat juubeliaastat ning suurtest pidustustest ei puudu ka loomulikult FARMA!

Varasematel aastatel on edasimüüja Peetri Talutehnika / Maskin Grupp OÜ meie masinad messile kaasa võtnud ning oma stendil VP-42 esitlenud - nii saab see ka olema sel aastal!

Meie oleme koos Peetri Talutehnikaga 20.-22. aprillil 2017 Tartu Näituste messikeskuses. Leia meid stendilt VP-42 ning astu ligi!

Friday, 7 April 2017

Mansen Mörinät is happening right now in Finland!

MansenMörinät is happening right now in Finland! Our stand is up, salesman Tero together with guys from Konevuokraamo Rentti are there to assist you!

Make sure you visit our stand if you happen to be today or tomorrow around Tampere area.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Germany we are ready!

Preparations for our stand at the Forst live 2017 are done.  On the display we have customers´ favorite FARMA models. And  this time from the BIGAB´s range we have C6,3 mounted on the BIGAB 10-14.  
Our good dealer Oswald Landtechnik and FORS MW team are there to help you to choose the best machine suitable for your needs.

See you there! At stand M4.35!


Wir sind beinahe fertig mit unserem Stand auf der Forst Live 2017 und freuen uns ab morgen unsere Rückewagen und auch einen Bigab Hakenlifter zu präsentieren.